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Tuesday, August 19 2014 04:50 pm

Fall 2014 Season News!
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston

We are pleased to announce our 2014 Fall Season will begin Sept 6th!

This season will feature the return of games at Winsor School. Games will also be played at Medford HS, Bedford Edge, and Wayland. The cost per team is projected to be $2150, roughly $100 less than the spring season, for eight regular season matches and up to three additional playoff games. Matches will be scheduled for Saturdays. As usual, we'll have three refs per 90 minute match and slide-tackling is permitted.

New Teams, please email or for more info and to register for the fall season now.

New players, please email or for more info and to find a team. Cost per player is roughly $110 for the season, but will vary depending on team size and uniform costs, if any.

The league has reserved time for a CASA sponsored pickup game on Saturday, August 23rd from 11am-1pm at Brookline Soule Recreation Center. Curious new players or existing teams are encouraged to attend the free pickup game - our hope is to have fun and connect players with teams. Please email or with any questions and we hope to see you there!

Brookline Soule Recreation Center
652 Hammond St,
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

Saturday, July 19 2014 11:40 pm

Championship Results!
Posted by Andrew Boyer...

Andrew Boyer

Congratulations to French Connection for winning a grueling final against International Love to finish the season as undefeated Spring 2014 Champions!

After 90 minutes the teams were tied at 2 goals each -- so they went to PKs.

International Love started with a solid first goal.

Int'l Love 1 - 0 French Connection

French Connection outright missed the goal!

Int'l Love then shot over the crossbar.

French Connection equalizes with a zinger to the lower left corner.

Int'l Love 1 - 1 French Connection

Int'l follows with their own lower left zinger.

Int'l Love 2 - 1 French Connection

French hits a far right shot - the goalie gets a finger on the ball but it's not enough to stop a goal!

Int'l Love 2 - 2 French Connection

Int'l Love responds with a solid shot at the center of the goal, but the goalie makes a dive to the left and barely intercepts the shot with his feet... and the ball slowly rolls in before the goalie can get back to his feet!

Int'l Love 3 - 2 French Connection

French player misdirects the goalie and hits a low right goal, while the Int'l goalie dives left.

Int'l Love 3 - 3 French Connection

Int'l Love goalie steps up to take a PK, and sends it flying into the back of the net!

Int'l Love 4 - 3 French Connection

French player hits the lower left corner, goal!

Int'l Love 4 - 4 French Connection

Int'l Love player shoots high and misses.

French Connection player takes a confident shot and hits the net - final PK and French Connection wins!!

FINAL AFTER 12 PKS, Int'l Love 4 - 5 French Connection

Congratulations to all teams for a successful Spring 2014 season. We're looking forward to a fun, competitive fall season! Stay posted for details and updates.

Tuesday, July 1 2014 07:46 pm

Board of Directors Update
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston As many of you know, the Casa Soccer League of Boston is a volunteer non-profit league run by soccer players for soccer players. We have been going through a transition period and have been short of Board Members, particularly a league President. We want to announce that these issues are being addressed and as part of this process we have reorganized the Board and brought on new members:
  • Andrew Boyer and Eric Fournier have been elected as Co-Presidents of the league.
  • Matt Strafuss has taken the Vice-President position and continue as our webmaster.
  • Jam Murphy will continue to be the league Treasurer.
  • John Misasi will step back into his previous role as League Referee Assignor.
  • David Reid will be the league Ombudsman.
  • Adrian Calderon is handling Public Relations.
  • Caleb Raynor will be stepping back to become a board member at large.

Tuesday, July 1 2014 07:17 pm

Playoff Semi-finals
Posted by Casa Soccer League of Boston...

Casa Soccer League of Boston Semi-Final Match#1. Noon on July 12 at Medford HS.

Arsenal Maulers vs International Love

Semi-Final Match#2. 2pm on July 12 at Medford HS.

French Connection vs Cambridge FC.

As a reminder the Championship will be at 8am on July 19 at Hormel Stadium.

Semi-final Winners


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